Please find below a list of the most commonly used Honda ATV terminology:

Longitudinally mounted engine

Power to the wheels – With the crankshaft in line with the frame, the engine position gives a smoother, more efficient power-flow to the wheels whilst keeping the centre of gravity low for greater stability.

The first liquid-cooled engine

Built for the ATV – Our first liquid-cooled 4-stroke 499cc engine gives massive torque and power. Unlike many ATVs our entire utility range – including the engine – have been designed and built as ATVs, not as adaptations.


Feel the power boost – The fuel-injected, liquid cooled OHV (overhead valve) engine gives you more power and greater acceleration, as well as superb fuel economy.

Super heavy-duty automatic clutch

Control at low speeds – If you need to carry out a precise manoeuvre or work within a confined space, the low clutch engagement gives you greater control at low ground speeds and superior towing capability.

Class-leading handling

Hugs the terrain – Thanks to the new independent double-wishbone front and rear suspension (IRS), you’ll experience increased ground clearance and terrain-hugging grip.

AP Suretrac™

Torque-sensitive front limited-slip differential – Which is another way of saying that we have a brilliant patented system that transfers power to the wheel that has most traction. This gives you a light, positive steering and a tight turning circle.


Drive the way you want to – Our unique system gives you the choice of 2wd or 4wd at the flick of a switch or a push of a lever. So you can switch between 2wd manoeuvrability and 4wd traction whilst you’re on the move.

Electric gear shift (ES Models)

Just like in our Formula 1 cars – The Electric Shift Program ESP is both super smooth and super quick, sensing and adjusting to your riding style. All at the touch of a button.

Brake with confidence

Safe and durable – The dual front disc brakes with a patented scraper system to remove mud and snow build-up. Brakes also feature thicker, longer-wearing pad material and an audible warning when pad life is low.

Dual hydraulic disc brakes

No ‘free-wheeling’ – Truly inspiring stopping power whatever the conditions. The dual front and single rear disc brakes and the superb engine braking allow you to stay in control when you’re braking without ‘free-wheeling’.

High visibility

Bright ideas – The multi-function LCD display gives at-a-glance driver information. Rear brake lights ensure extra visibility and twin headlights give high power illumination for safety in all conditions.

Improved rider comfort

Ergonomic design – Get your work done in comfort and style. The independent double-wishbone front suspension and rubber-cushioned mountings keep vibrations low for a super-comfortable ride.

Wide-ranging gear ratios

Impressive pulling power – With five forward gears and one reverse gear, you get maximum pulling power even at low revs. And auto-clutch gives you fast, trouble-free gear changes.

Low pressure tyres

Sure-footed traction – Not only do our tyres provide great traction, but they also leave tracks no deeper than a human footprint. So they’re kind to the environment and ideal for soft or muddy conditions.

4-stroke engine

Truly legendary – In 1964, we invented the world’s first 4-stroke outboard engine. It’s powerful, efficient, quiet and kind to the environment. Everything you’d expect from a Honda.

Made for the ATV

Designed from the dirt up – Unlike other manufacturers, our engines are designed especially for ATV. Our engines are longitudinally mounted, which means that there is a more direct power flow to the rear wheels and greater ground clearance.

Double-wishbone suspension

The easy way to cover the ground – This allows each wheel to independently track the ground and gives improved control, braking and bump absorption. So you get a perfectly balanced ride.

Designed for kids

Super safe – The handlebars and short-reach front brake lever have been designed for greater comfort and safety for our younger riders. And the tough plastic skid plate and centre mud guards give better protection.

Driving made easy

It’s child’s play – The 4-speed manual gear shift, automatic clutch and adjustable throttle limiter make it really easy for young riders to master this ATV quickly.