We are offering a FREE TrakKING Adventure Motorcycle Tracking System on ALL our new Honda ATV and Pioneer.

When you purchase any new Honda TRX Quad bike or the Side by Side Pioneer, we will supply a brand new Datatool TrakKING kit for free. The only payment required from you will be an installation fee of £99 and the usual subscription of £9.95 per month.

FREE Datatool TrakKING Adventure

  • Stolen Motorcycle Tracking System, with full 24/7 monitoring
  • Normal RRP £229.00
  • FREE with any new Honda ATV or Pioneer*

*Please note, a one-off installation fee of £99 and a monitoring subscription which can be paid monthly or annually at £9.95 per month or £109.00 per year is applicable.

The TrakKing Adventure, Motorcycle Tracking system has a range of features including full journey history logging and the ability to create location or event based alerts. The theft protection activates automatically as soon as the vehicle ignition is switched off. It monitors the vehicle for signs of unauthorised movement. At the first sign of movement TrakKING Adventure will send an text message to the customer advising the bike is moving. If the movement continues and the bike is moved away from where it was parked, TrakKING Adventure will enter full alert mode and notification will be sent to the dedicated 24/7/365 Vehicle Monitoring Team. If the bike is confirmed as stolen, the team will liaise with the Police to aid recovery. In addition to the tracking capabilities, TrakKING also monitors the vehicle battery and will notify the owner of a low battery condition before the battery becomes completely discharged. If the battery is disconnected an alert will be sent to the monitoring team. With 24/7 monitoring and dedicated staff, TrakKING Adventure really does deliver security peace of mind.

Datatool TrakKING App

Know where your vehicle is at anytime from anywhere in the world with the Datatool mobile apps! iOS & Android apps are available for TrakKING Adventure free of charge, which allow you to remotely access your TrakKING Adventure account, manage your notification settings and to locate your motorcycle or scooter at any time.

Find out more

If you are interested in buying one of our new ATV’s, please give Justin a call and he can check pricing and availability as well as making the arrangements for the FREE TrakKING Adventure. Call him on 01492 535959 to find out more.