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Whilst you may already have one of our Honda All Terrain Vehicles, have you ever thought about adding a Honda 4-stroke trails motorcycle to your farm fleet? They’re cheap to run, easy to look after and are an great way to get around on or off road, on tarmac or trails. We currently have the Honda CRF250L in stock, which has already proved very popular with our farming friends. In addition, we have recently been awarded the Honda Montesa franchise and the Montesa 4Ride 260 is perfectly placed for on and off road riding.

Honda CRF250L


The Honda CRF250L is a lovely lightweight, dual sport trail bike that can handle a short commute and is equally happy heading into the countryside on green lanes. It is a well balanced bike whether you are sat down road riding or stood up riding off road. The 250 engine has good low and mid-range power and offers a user-friendly delivery, perfect for novice or experienced riders. The bike is also very quiet so it is ideal for riding without upsetting the neighbours.

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Montesa 4Ride

Montesa 4Ride

The 4Ride, reinvents the off-road concept according to Montesa, Honda’s Spanish trials bike subsidiary. It’s a blend of an adventure bike and trial machine that owes its name to the fact it’s ‘for riding’. Whilst there is still a trials frame under the seat, there is also a sizeable bit of space under there. So if your ride takes you further than expected, you’ll always have a little luggage compartment big enough for some sandwiches and a bottle of water! The 4Ride is perfect for tackling more challenging terrain.

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